Maine Tallow Company - Organic Beef Tallow

Modern cooking oils and industrial additives are ruining our society's health. So many of us work hard to shop for healthy foods and prepare nutritional meals for our families and ourselves, but many don't realize how toxic the cooking oil in our pantries can be. These poisons are known to cause lasting negative effects to our health both physically and mentally.

Beef tallow is one of the oldest cooking ingredients and is a great alternative to the cheap, toxic products available today. Traditional cooking oils have a lower smoke point, which means they are likely to burn at high temperatures and produce compounds known to be cancer-causing. Tallow on the other hand has a much higher smoke point and will not create these toxic compounds. Our organic, handcrafted beef tallow is sourced locally from Maine cattle and is rich in nutrients proven to support healthy skin and brain function.

Our tallow is rendered in high quality cast iron and stored in glass bottles - no plastics or additives

We take pride in our brand, so we make it our priority to deliver you a quality product. Our tallow comes from grass-fed cattle, and will enhance any dish. Ditch the seed oils and start investing in your health today.